Company Overview

"Our goal is to build and maintain a system that informs the care transition process; a bridge between hospital, post-acute care, patient/caregiver, payer (both private and CMS) that transitions patients from the hospital stay to the best care, the first time, resulting in less expense and better outcomes. We achieved our goal with success in one of the most financially challenged counties in Ohio, working with a prominent and nationally recognized hospital system. We are now in the process of replicating these successes throughout the country."
Gennaro Luce - CEO
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build, maintain, and continually improve the best-informed system that optimizes the selection of post hospital resources for patients and their families. We believe that our system uniquely and effectively addresses hospitals and post-acute care providers to better realize care and quality goals.

Our Values

We developed and deliver an innovative, simple to understand and use platform that serves consumers (individuals, patients, families and caregivers), hospitals and health systems (physicians, nurses, discharge personnel, case managers, management and administrators), and post-acute care providers of all types. Our cloud-based solution creates value by enhancing and improving the continuum of patient care and patient outcomes.


We created and conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity. We operate with the highest standards of accessibility and reliability.


We deliver solutions that take advantage of our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to inform and improve the clinical decision making process.


Our collaborative approach combines teamwork, trust, individual responsibility and shared purpose allowing us to deliver value and benefits to all who use Sequentia.

About Us

Sequentia is an AI enabled, cloud-based platform that standardizes, informs, and highly automates the care transition process. We support patient engagement beginning at hospital admission. Sequentia leverages its AI platform to identify patients that are at high risk for readmit, providing care givers with information to finely “tune” the post-acute care path and identify potential problems before they arise. The Sequentia platform helps hospitals develop and operate “narrow networks” of post-acute care providers that represent the best partners for effective patient management. Using the Sequentia platform, the transition of care process is automated allowing the care management team to spend their time with the patient instead of the traditional discharge process mechanics like copying and faxing records. The Sequentia platform engages patients, families, and their caregivers in their collective goal of identifying the most effective combination of post-acute care assets.

Informed by a range of personal experiences with post-acute care placement, it became apparent that there simply had to be a better way to transition from hospital care to post-acute care. That better way, after much study and research, became the Sequentia platform; a platform that is comprehensive, universally accessible and easy-to-use. Our foundational concept in the development and delivery of the platform was a holistic approach that informed and involved the patient, their family and their caregivers in the process of care transition.