Reduction in 30-day readmits and associated penalties
Predictive Analytics that provide a DRG, and a risk assessment with readmission forecast and clinical pathway recommendation based on PAC care cost and quality performance
-Provide 98% accurate final DRG prediction within hours of admission
Provide geometric mean LOS to the medical record
Inform post-acute care decisions with AI Engine
- Support development of "Narrow network" provider configuration including periodic “scoring” of network participants
- Automates the transition of care process
Automates the transition of care process end to end
Engaging patients at or close to admission
- Utilizing predictive analytics to predict who is a high risk for readmit
- Putting the patient and their family are engaged in the decision process
Sequentia platform allows identification of specific amenities requested further personalizing the planning process
Improved communication with hospital discharge planning team
- Elimination of faxed documents
- Facilities can produce detailed specifications about their services and amenities that are integrated into the Sequentia platform
Reduction in 30-day readmits and associated penalties
- Integrated AI engine provides detailed post-acute care supply chain decisions tuned to identify both readmission risk attenuation and cost avoidance
- Sequentia can support the development of "Narrow networks"
We can serially score narrow network performance
- Automated transition of care process including work flow process tracking
When the discharge planning process is automated and starts early in the admission process, the patient becomes the center of the process. The AI engine accurately informs decisions early in the hospitalization process further facilitating the post-acute care decision process, In sum, the Sequentia platform allows care givers and families the time to make well informed decisions at what is typically the most difficult time in a person’s life.
Sequentia is web-based solution that does not reside on a hospital server. Implementation of the platform (including integration with required data sources, is simple and accomplished with minimal hospital effort. Our business model requires no update fees and no license fees, The Sequentia platform can connect to any EMR system.
Yes, Sequentia is secured and HIPAA compliant
Yes, Sequentia is certified to meet your requirements for meaningful use stage 2.
Yes, patient and family members can access Sequentia's "consumer" portal from a smartphone, computer, or tablet to perform a search of post-acute care providers.