For Hospitals

Optimize Discharge and the Transition of Care

Sequentia provides a comprehensive, standardized platform that can be used quickly and easily by all discharge planners, case managers, and other discharge personnel to drive uniformity, consistency and productivity. The Sequentia Transition of Care System interfaces with hospital information systems seamlessly collecting, packaging and distributing data required by post-acute care providers to accurately and quickly assess and accept patient referrals.

Sequentia's platform is an ONC certified HIT 2014 Edition EHR Transition of Care Module. Utilization of Sequentia's system, supports hospital objectives to adopt Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) to create, transmit and receive transition of care/referral summaries and successfully attest to Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use. In addition to providing required data, the Sequentia platform delivers additional clinical and demographic information further informing patient admissions assessments.

Our patent-pending proprietary post-acute care provider search process allows our users to consider additional levels of medical care, individual personal amenities, and insurance coverage. The Sequentia platform allows the discharge process to begin immediately upon admission. Discharge planning and care management personnel use our platform to engage the patient and family members/caregivers in the post-acute care search process identifying and selecting the “best-fit” provider. In cases where a patient needs to be discharged outside the local service area, our national database connects hospitals with post-acute care providers of all types in any location in the country.

Reduce Patient Length of Stay

Wasted Length of Stay costs the hospital industry over $7.4 billion per year . The Sequentia platform has the capability to help hospitals better plan and manage Length of Stay. The Sequentia platform interfaces directly to clinical and demographic information in hospital systems. The interfaces are tuned to collect the information we need to drive the Artificial Intelligence engine. Discharge personnel use the Sequentia discharge dashboard to track patients along the discharge process in real-time, We include length of stay and a DRG estimate to identify target discharge dates. Discharge planning personnel no longer lack access to patient information.

Reduce Readmissions

Effective post-acute care planning and care transition process can significantly reduce readmissions. Sequentia’s proprietary search and placement process, informed by our Artificial Intelligence engine, considers patients’ medical care needs and personal needs delivering post-acute care providers that complete medical and social picture needed accurately assess and accept a patient for admission.

Choosing the right post-acute care provider is key to a healthier and quicker recovery for the patient. Informed by our AI engine, Sequentia helps identify the right combination of clinical resources and personal amenities that improve recovery in post-hospitalization phase of care.

Seamless Transition to Post-Acute Care

Sequentia supports direct communication between discharge planners and post-acute care resources. The cloud-based platform provides secure, HIPAA compliant online connectivity for patient data transfer, regardless of the type of electronic medical record system employed by the hospital, physician group or post-acute care provider.

Sequentia eliminates the tedious and most often incomplete gathering and faxing of patient information, and the long games of “phone tag” between post-acute care providers and hospitals.

Secure/HIPAA Patient Data Transfer

Sequentia is HIPAA compliant. Our solution utilizes HL7 or XML connectivity to provide secure collection and transfer of only the required patient information that needs to be shared between the hospital and post-acute care facility; no more worries about confidential patient information unattended on a fax machine.

Increase Quality of Care & Patient Satisfaction

The discharge process is the final touchpoint for the patient experience. The discharge process creates the single most lasting and impactful impression on patients and family. If the discharge process is difficult, rushed or poorly structured, patient dissatisfaction, regardless of the quality of other care and treatment results. Sequentia’s platform allows hospital discharge personnel to easily and completely engage patients and family caregivers in the identification and selection of post-acute care options, Patient satisfaction is, through this process, improved.

Effectively investing the patient and family in the discharge planning process early in the hospital stay leads to greater patient satisfaction and quality scores.