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Improving Care Transition and Patient Outcomes In a Changing Payment Environment.

Hospital Reimbursement is Now Tied to Care “Outside the Hospital Walls"

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Putting Patients Choice at the Center of the Transition of Care Process.

Patient Journey - from the start

Upon Admission

We automatically gather important patient information to inform the most effective care path.

  • Pre-Admission Testing or Emergency Department captures patient data
  • Patient Admitted
  • Diagnostic tests ordered
  • Primary Care Physician Alerted that their Patient has been admitted.

Automated Data Collection

Sequentia connects with the hospital's existing systems to populate the patient record.

  • ADT data accessed - discharge planner worklist populated
  • EMR data accessed
  • 'High Risk' Patients identified/notifications sent to discharge planners
  • 'Optimal' Post-Acute Care Provider pathway defined
  • Post-Acute pathway recommendations sent to hospitalists and other designees

During Stay

Sequentia gives social workers the ability to engage the patient in a more effective manner.

  • Hospitalist and Care Manager review patient data
  • Care plans adjusted as needed
  • Care Manager engages patient and Post-Acute Care Provider immediately

Patient Journey - through discharge


Sequentia identify an optimal Post-Acute Care pathway for your patient the first time.

  • Working DRG predicted
  • Risk stratification identifies priority patients
  • Referral Initiated
  • Pre-certification for Post Acute Care services can be initiated

Post-Acute Care Provider

Sequentia provides a seamless transition of patient information from hospitals to post-acute care providers.

  • Reviews data
  • Accepts / rejects service request
  • Communication enabled with discharge planner
  • Primary Care Physician Alerted that their Patient is being discharged to home/home health or other Post-Acute Care Provider


Sequentia's metrics and predictive analytics provide users with actionable information.

  • Cognitive Computing platform drives predictive analytics
  • Tracking of referral patterns and post-acute care provider response times
  • Tracking of readmissions


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An Intelligent Platform Focused on Continuous Improvement and Close Control Over Care Transition

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