For PACP's

Sequentia Benefits for Post-Acute Care Providers

Sequentia is a unique online platform that includes an Artificial Intelligence engine. The platform helps post-acute care providers promote their capabilities professionally and directly to hospital discharge personnel, patients, families and caregivers in the hospital or home environment. Sequentia provides a direct link and presentation of your capabilities. Running and managing a successful post-acute care business is no easy task, especially in today’s challenging healthcare environment. Every dollar spent needs to be spent wisely. Our deep understanding and operating experience in the post-acute operating environment informed development of the Sequentia platform.


As an owner or chief financial officer, you face daily issues relating to profitability, census, expense reduction, service offering, patient mix and more. Sequentia helps secure additional patients, improves your reach to hospitals, patients/families and households throughout the country. The Sequentia platform uniquely connects you and your assets directly to consumers and their families. Our services also help you reduce costs and eliminate ineffective marketing expenses, while improving revenue.


Post-acute care service administrators are concerned with census and profitability issues, the lengthy admission process, resultant 30-day readmits and patient satisfaction. Sequentia can drive business to your company. The Sequentia platform decreases the admission process time; staff efficiency is improved, and; patients are accurately matched to facilities. Your patient population is better served and your organization’s brand is strengthened.

Directors of Nursing

You are concerned about the quality of patient care and the medical services that you provide, and the incomplete patient information that confounds you daily. Sequentia places all the necessary, real-time patient information in your hands, allowing for accurate and effective patient assessments. We help match the services you provide to the specific personal wants and needs of patients and their families.


Your concerns range from top of mind awareness with your target prospects - both hospitals and consumers – to marketing efforts that are both effective and cost efficient. Today’s healthcare environment has made marketing more challenging than ever before. Targeted social media is now more critical than ever, supplanting traditional marketing approaches that have become standard practice over the years. Sequentia delivers an unprecedented online marketing platform for post-acute care providers that differentiates your organization, improves marketing outreach and effectiveness, and puts you inside the hospital at the time patients are making decisions about the next phase of care. The Sequentia platform is designed for access by patients, care givers or patient families searching from within or beyond your local service area.

Promote Your Company at the Decision Point

With complete, online and real-time content, Sequentia puts your information at the fingertips of everyone involved in the post-acute care decision at a critical point in the hospital stay. Your marketing and promotion dollars are maximized by promoting your capabilities and facility characteristics on an accessible web-based platform.

Using tablet and pad devices, hospital discharge staff work closely with patients, family members and caregivers at bedside. The Sequentia platform delivers direct access to you and your marketing materials. Patients, families and caregivers can save and share information, communicate and even schedule a tour of your facility directly through the Sequentia platform.

Optimize Patient Census & Patient Mix

Given current market conditions, post-acute care providers face unprecedented census and patient mix challenges. Sequentia helps post-acute providers increase revenues and profitability by more accurately promoting their capabilities to a larger universe of hospitals their patients. You create the data presented on the Sequentia platform allowing you to better position your organization to meet your census and patient mix goals.

Reduce 30-Day Readmissions

Informed by our Artificial Intelligence engine combined with the ability to better and identify care capabilities of post-acute care providers, We inform post-acute care supply chain decisions so resources can be optimally delivered and readmission risk is reduced.

Increase Profitability & ROI

Sequentia can help increase revenues and profitability by putting “the right heads in the right beds”. Whether you are seeking to attract short-term rehab patients or long-term care residents, Sequentia will help you add the desired patients to fill beds and close your revenue gaps. By better informing and automating the transition care process, Sequentia frees your staff to be more productive and focused on patient care.