For Patients

Looking for an extended care provider from Home or Hospital

Finding the right care provider for a loved one or planning for your own needs can be difficult, challenging and stressful. Being able to easily find and assess your potential choices for a provider that meets your individual needs, allows you to make the best, most informed decision with greater peace of mind.

Until now, there has never been a source that helps locate post-acute care providers throughout the country with ease, accuracy and details. There also has been no simple way to find facilities that match desired medical care and personal services you want without intrusive phone calls, emails or incomplete information.

Sequentia provides a unique solution for you. No matter what type of care or provider you seek, Sequentia will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are searching for a loved one or for yourself…whether you are seeking a care facility or home health care provider…we will help you identify available options in the geographic location of your choice.

Our searchable database includes all types of qualified post-acute care facilities and providers:

Once you’ve selected the geographic location you want, our comprehensive, easy-to-use search process allows you to find care providers and facilities to treat specific medical conditions and meet specific care requirements. You can also search for personal services and amenities.

The search process is quick and complete. Setting up your own secure MySequentia™ account allows you to save your search results and share that information electronically with other family members and caregivers throughout the country.

Take Ownership of the Care Planning Process

Sequentia lets you take charge of your care planning process, whether you are searching for yourself or a loved one. Whether you are at home searching for the next phase of care or being discharged from a hospital, you manage this process best when you have the comprehensive information at your fingertips that only Sequentia delivers.

Engage Directly in Planning & Placement

You and your family caregivers can engage directly in the planning and placement processes by viewing the potential care providers online and in real-time. Sequentia post-acute care provider members provide detailed information including profiles, services offerings, electronic brochures, videos, photos and more, making it simple to review your choices, then identify and select those who meet your needs.

Search, Evaluate & Compare Facilities Nationwide

Our comprehensive database includes all post-acute care providers in the country so you can find every possible provider in your chosen geography. Searches in a single location or in multiple locations are easy to conduct using our proprietary process. Our search criteria allow you to match your individual medical care and personal needs requirements with provider capabilities and insurance accepted.

Save & Share Accurate, Real-Time Information

The MySequentia™ feature allows you to easily and securely save your searches for your own reference, and to share your search results with family members and others – anywhere in the country - if and when you choose.

Optimal Informed Decision-Making

The more that you know and understand about the care you or a loved one needs and the providers that meet your individual requirements, the better able you are to make the right decision for your next phase of care. Additionally, Sequentia provides in-depth information that helps you better and further understand the key factors of post-acute care.

Be Prepared for Discharge & Placement

For patients who are about to be discharged from a hospital and require post-acute care, the identification and selection of the right care provider can be difficult and stressful. Sequentia‘s non-intrusive, web-based service provides you and your hospital discharge planner access to comprehensive, up-to-date information on your potential care providers, so you are best prepared to make the right choice for care on your terms.